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Archive for October 2018

May I ask you a question?

September 7th, 2018 Hello my friend, May I ask you a sincere question?  Okay. Thanks. Now, please be honest.  I mean super duper honest. Have you ever described the New Testament as all-about “grace” and the Old Testament as all-about the “law”?  Have you ever wondered how the Old Testament could be so different than…

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Confession time

September 14th, 2018 Hello my friend, Confession time for me: I hate mean people.  Okay – maybe that’s too harsh. I may not hate them but at times I wish they would contract the flu, for a year.  Now before you start throwing rocks at me, I would guess that you have been there too.…

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Church Vision Morning

Hey there my friend, This Sunday is a HUGE day for Arizona Hills – first of its kind.   I am planning to speak frankly and candidly about who we are.  Where we are going. What we do well. And what we do not do well.  And what I want us to do well in…

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Coffee houses are like the church!

As I sit in this local coffee house, it’s obvious that most in here don’t even like coffee.  In fact, some hate it. Sure, they like sugar, and cream, and foam, but coffee? Not so much.  If you told me that coffee houses would become as huge in this country as they have, I would…

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