Hey there my friend,

This Sunday is a HUGE day for Arizona Hills – first of its kind.  

I am planning to speak frankly and candidly about who we are.  Where we are going. What we do well. And what we do not do well.  And what I want us to do well in the future.  I will also inform everyone of future staff changes that are coming down the pike.  Changes that will affect everyone in some form or fashion.

Who should be there on Sunday?  Good question! These ten groups of people definitely need to make this Sunday’s attendance a priority.  Why? Well, 10 percent to encourage me. 90 percent to hear where this church is preparing to sail. Think of it this way: Give me 100 churches and I will give 100 different church directions and philosophy of ministries.  Each are good but each are also very different.

So please be present on Sunday with bells on.  (Not sure what bells have to do with it. But my amazing late grandmother used to say it so it’s probably an important thing to wear).

The ten different groups of people who need to make this Sunday a priority:

  1. Teens – they make up a HUGE part of who we are.  We LOVE them.
  2. Parents of our teens – We love them too.
  3. Volunteers – you are our backbone!
  4. Small group leaders – You shepheard folks daily.  We are so thankful for you.
  5. Casual attenders – We want to inspire you to make Arizona Hills a more important part of your life.
  6. Prayer warriors – need I say anything here?
  7. Those trying to decide if this is going to be their home church – If you want to know who we really are, I can’t think of a better way to find out.
  8. Those who already call Arizona Hills their church home – Let’s be honest… it’s YOUR church.
  9. Every regular attender -You make us an amazing and unique place.
  10. Judi – Because she doesn’t really have a choice.

See you Sunday @ 10?   I hope so!


PS  Members are asked to stop in the lobby before walking into the auditorium to pick up your ballots for the budget and new board members.

PPS Also in the lobby is a hard copy of the next year’s budget.  If you have any questions regarding the new budget, you will be able to ask our treasure and/or our chairman right on the spot.