September 14th, 2018

Hello my friend,

Confession time for me: I hate mean people.  Okay – maybe that’s too harsh. I may not hate them but at times I wish they would contract the flu, for a year.  Now before you start throwing rocks at me, I would guess that you have been there too.  People do bad things, it often appears that they are getting away with murder and meanwhile we ask if God even has a clue.

This Sunday I will deliver a sermon that I have been wrestling with for five days.  Actually, I’m still battling some of the sub-points right now, HOWEVER this much I know: the overall message can easily be applied to everyone us.  Maybe now, maybe soon, for sure someday. Here is the thrust:


  • Where is God and where is His justice when evil people commit evil acts?  
  • Is He even aware?
  • When will He act?
  • What’s His plan?   Does He even HAVE a plan?
  • Why does He allow innocent people to suffer?


This sermon will be practical, straight from the Bible and full of hope.  So I ask you, who can you bring with you? Who in your life needs to hear this message?

I hope to see you and your friend on Sunday and as always, please take time to introduce me and Judi to him/her.  Because your friend is our friend too.

Praying that God does something special on Sunday,


In preparation for the sermon: Read consider reading Nahum  and  Jonah.