September 7th, 2018

Hello my friend,

May I ask you a sincere question?  Okay. Thanks. Now, please be honest.  I mean super duper honest. Have you ever described the New Testament as all-about “grace” and the Old Testament as all-about the “law”?  Have you ever wondered how the Old Testament could be so different than the New Testament? We contemplate scenes of Jesus healing and loving people in the NT but we can’t get out of our minds scenes from the Old Testament of God judging and killing.

If you’re like me, it’s too easy to see two very different divine approaches to mankind.  But here’s the deal: the OT and NT share more things in common than most of us believe. WAY more!

This Sunday, we will be beginning a three week sermon series on the OT book of Nahum.  That’s right… NAHUM! (You mean your life verse doesn’t come from Nahum?) The story about Nahum has to do with a very familiar city, Nineveh.  (The Jonah and the “great fish” city). Yes. It’s back but the ending is MUCH different this time.

On display in Nahum is God’s great wrath but more than that, God’s great love and patience.  And as you hear about the wickedness of Nineveh, you’re not only going to view the God of the OT as loving and patient, you actually may wonder why He didn’t destroy that city sooner.

My hope and prayer is that each of us will leave this Sunday with a more accurate view of God and a deeper trust in what He does and how He does it.  Because, if we’re honest (and you said you would be), we often view God’s ways as TOO LATE. TOO EARLY. TOO HARD. And maybe even TOO SOFT.

Whether you can attend this Sunday or not, please take a minute and read the entire book of Nahum (a whopping three chapters).  And for you overachievers, try tackling Jonah too – it will only help your perspective on who God really is.




See you Sunday @ Boulder Creek HS from 10-11.