don and renee worcester

Friday, January 4th, 2019

Hi church!

I’ve had the privilege to participate in a lot of weddings over th past 30 years, but this past weekend felt like the first wedding I have ever seen.  Everyone said it will be a little different when it’s your own kid. They were wrong. Dead wrong. It was WAY different. My emotions were all over the board but the one that was the strongest was a feeling of pride.  They both married someone who love each other but they each love Jesus more. And that is the beginning recipe for a fulfilling life together. Challenges and tough days will come, but with Jesus, they will do more than survive, they will thrive.

So no matter what your marital status (married, divorced, engaged, hopeful to marry again, or hoping not), there will be something for you this Sunday at 10am.  I need it, you need it, everyone needs to think about their marriage and be challenged to be better.

Don and Renee Worcester ( will lead us to think critically about our marriages and make us laugh in the process.   They will provide us with the Four Things You Should Never Ever Say To Your Spouse.

And instead of just attending, would you please bring someone with you?  It’s too good to not share. I hope God gives places someone on your heart to ask.  

See you Sunday!

In His love,