When Jesus spoke of His own second coming, He asked this sobering question, “When the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8).

His concern was not if He would find “successful” churches with big buildings and huge budgets. He wasn’t even concerned about the number of people who are baptized and attend seminary. His concern was very simple: would He find faith on earth.

From the beginning of time, God called His people to demonstrate faith in Him. From Adam to today, God calls us to trust Him with everything we face. Whether it’s monumental challenges or simple daily hiccups – God wants us to trust Him for it all.

And the reason He wants us to trust Him with the small stuff is because in time, God will calls us to trust Him for something big. Goliath big. And the only time to prepare for that day for to start now.

This Sunday we will discuss David’s close relationship with God which started long before he faced a 9 foot giant. David was brave, courageous and bold. But his faith was bigger than all of those things put together.
So how’s your faith today? What steps has God called you to take to strengthen your faith? Maybe you would consider reading with me this devotional next week. It may be short and simple, but God can use it is a huge way. I hope you will jump in with me.


In His strength,Randy