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Let’s take a step towards Jesus together!

Good morning, church. It is such an honor to open the pages of God’s Word with you every Sunday and learn together and be inspired to follow Jesus as a unified church. I can’t wait until this Sunday! As you may know, we are in the middle of a study through Paul’s first letter to…

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Why should I join a small group?

1. Personal Discovery First, personal discovery happens in small groups better than large groups for a number of reasons. You can learn, ask questions, involve yourself in the lives of others, and generally make yourself vulnerable among other people who are doing the same in small groups. You just can’t do that in sermons. There…

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Few things surprise me anymore – but this did!

Are you willing to participate in a short term mission trip if God called you? Well, each of the signatures on this cloth have each told God that they’re “in” if He calls. In fact, several have already taken steps to learn more about upcoming trips next summer. Pretty awesome, huh? We think so too.…

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