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No Pressure to Give - None

Arizona Hills Community Church attempts to walk a fine line when preaching and discussing the topic of tithing (financially supporting the church).  According to the Bible, it's important to give families an opportunity to give back to God in the form of a tithe or gift.  However, it's also imperative that the subject never be a frequent topic of conversation.

Arizona Hills views giving as an opportunity - not an obligation.

For those who support this ministry financially, they do so with a positive attitude.  In fact, the act of giving has nothing to do with us - it's an act of worship between the follower of Christ and God.

Our guests will actually be asked to not to participate in the offering at all - our hope is for our guests to receive from us, not us receive from our guests.

New Giving Process

Because it's our desire that we be good stewards of the gifts you give, we are constantly looking for the most affordable and responsible ways to handle your gifts. We've recently updated our online giving merchant so we ask that if you've been giving through our previous merchant, please cancel any recurring gifts and move to our new process. As always, we want to make it as simple as possible so if you have any problems, please Contact Us.

Maximizing Your Gifts

The option that best maximizes your gift is Bill Pay through your bank. We gladly accept gifts through credit/debit cards but each transaction removes a percentage to pay for processing and merchant fees.

Through your bank's Bill Pay option, you can set up Arizona Hills as a new payment recipient with a one-time or recurring gift.

Our information for Bill Pay is below:

Arizona Hills Community Church
4111 W Innovative Dr. Suite 108
Anthem, AZ 85086

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