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Is your faith journey a solo activity?

Our journey to grow in a closer relationship with God and deepen our faith in Him was never intended to be a solo activity.  If we were to stop and analyze the early church, we’d discover that there was a deep and regular dependence on others. Paul could not have been more clear to the…

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Never Ever Say This To Your Wife

Friday, January 4th, 2019 Hi church! I’ve had the privilege to participate in a lot of weddings over th past 30 years, but this past weekend felt like the first wedding I have ever seen.  Everyone said it will be a little different when it’s your own kid. They were wrong. Dead wrong. It was…

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Cancer stinks!

I spent some time with Gary and Paul yesterday.  After hearing more of their amazing story of God’s grace and provision, it became clear that everyone needs to hear their story.  I hope you can attend this Sunday. They are an amazing couple who is being used for a lot good in a really bad…

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Top Ten Reasons To Experience a Short Term Mission Trip

Hey church, I believe that every follower of Jesus must experience a short term mission trip at least once in their lifetime.  Why? Well, here are MY top ten reasons: #10 Make new lasting relationships with others with whom you serve #9 Learn to deeply respect others from different cultures than yours #8 Overcome your…

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Five ways to be thankful this season

Happy Thanksgiving. Whether you are gathering with family or friends or not, please allow me to help your heart be full.  Your mind is already full and spinning – but we don’t have to allow our minds to dictate our hearts or your heart’s emotions. The following are five ways to combat the craziness of…

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