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There are countless number of good churches to choose from in and around Anthem.  But what makes Arizona Hills Community Church unique? Simply put, it’s community. And by community we don’t just mean the friendships we have within the walls of our own church, but rather the intentionality with which we forge deep relationships with those outside Arizona Hills.

We believe that it's imperative to be connected with people inside and out. In fact, civic-minded community involvement aimed at serving those around us has been a cornerstone ofArizona Hills Community Church since our founding in 2000. In a very real sense, we want to be Anthem’s hometown church.

As we foster authentic relationships within the congregation and the community at large, people are free to be who they are, doubts, fears, flaws and all. AHCC is a safe place to explore the deeper questions in life as we seek to better understand God’s unique purpose in each of our lives.

Community has another benefit. It’s within community that true life transformation takes place. We like to say that we believe in transforming our church, community, and our world through a personal relationship with Jesus. The transformation that we seek—a transformation that is predicated on a belief that we can have a better life—only happens when we experience personal transformation by committing our lives to Jesus Christ. And wherever you might be in that journey, Arizona Hills Community Church's community is committed to helping you take the next step with Him.

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