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You may have heard these words, "Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." It's a well-known proverb from the Bible, and we believe it and take very seriously the call to be in community with one another.

It’s one thing to talk about Arizona Hills Community Church's genuine community, family atmosphere and sincerity of friendships, but how do we actually achieve this? We find that the key to life transformation is through relationship, and the key to relationship is spending time together. In other words, being part of a church is about more than simply sitting through a message on a Sunday morning then going home. That’s why community groups were developed.  Community groups is where and how we do life with each other.

Through Arizona Hills Community Church’s community groups, you’ll forge strong relationships that go beyond mere pleasantries and surface-level conversation. Those who participate in community groups find that they experience spiritual transformation in their own lives as they intentionally spend time in talking, in prayer, and exploring the Bible with others.

Community groups blossom into a true expression of biblical Christianity where individuals encourage and support one another in times of sorrow and celebrate in times of joy. In fact, the depth of our relationship with God is directly impacted by our desire to relate more authentically to those around us.

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